About Us

Shop History

Tony’s Bikes & Sports was started in 1992 by Tony Arnold and his father to answer the need for a core cycle shop run by cyclists. In its early years Anthony would service and sell bicycles, skateboards, and snowboards. He eventually returned to school and sold the shop to Anthony Libretti. The two were great friends and both cyclists. Tony had worked with Anthony in the shop and showed him how his love for cycling had fueled his dream.

Anthony Libretti went on to grow the shop and develop his and Tony’s vision to be a rider owned and operated shop and to share and grow their love of cycling and action sports. During his time he partnered with many non-profits to raise money and grow cycling in the community. He led several weekly group rides and taught mechanic classes. He promoted the healthy benefits of cycling and cycling as a lifestyle. Anthony led the charge for 10 years and has passed the torch to our current owner and long time Tony’s Bikes team member Mike Macisco.

As a long time friend and team member to both owners, with a shared vision Mike has continued to honor and grow the shop based on its founding principals.

Tony's Staff

Our staff is made up of seasoned veterans and cyclists. We are passion driven and always ready to help you, no matter how small the request - cycling is our life style.